Latest Penguin Update

As most of us affiliate marketers and website owners know already, a new massive Penguin Update was launched a couple of weeks back.

Google is of course trying to filter out the sites that are not providing value to the visitor, which is a good goal. Did they succeed though? I don’t think so. Still, the animal updates did help to clean up the SERP’s a bit, but far from everything. It also seems that some ”good guys” got eaten by the updates.

I wonder if Google will ever be able to make a good filter system that has algorithms that … Continue Reading

What can we learn of SEO from the car insurance industry?

As an SEO, trying to keep up with the latest developments in linkbuilding, SEO and other online optimization techniques are one of the most time consuming tasks. It isn’t made easier by the fact that a lot of people spend all their day tweeting and retweeting blogposts and the like. How are we to know what is important and what isn’t?

One way of getting a better and more precise idea of what is working in the SERPS, is to watch some keywords closely. One of those keywords with very high competition is car insurance. The players here spend thousand and … Continue Reading

Starting a niche dating site?

Niche dating sites, ie dating sites with a tight focus, becoming more and popular. In Denmark alone, there are over 100 different dating sites and many of them are specifically targeted parts of the population. There are Farmer Dating for farmers, Elitedaters for highly educated, Thai Love Links for Thai dating and even Victoria Milan to marry.

So, all these specialized dating sites a sign that the large established dating sites are going down? No, the old dating sites are still very popular, so there is in fact probably more concerned that there are more customers and that it has … Continue Reading

SEO optimization tips post Penguin

If you were one of those hit by the Penguin update not long ago, you are probably quite wary of doing any kind of SEO, but don’t despair! SEO isn’t dead and SEO isn’t that much different after the Penguin update. The main thing to keep in mind now when doing SEO is diversity. Diversify what kinds of links you build, diversy your content and most importantly diversify your anchor texts. This is very important after Penguin and means that you should build a lot more diverse keywords in your anchors.

If you have webhosting and webhotel, you may want … Continue Reading

Niche tips and examples

I have some stuff in mind when figuring out a niche I’m going to build websites in. Advertisers that generate much revenue from clicks are paying more. It’s very simple, people who can afford to pay you WILL pay you. These guidelines are mostly built around Adsense sites.

Examples of those:


Make a site with a non-tech-savvy audience, for example:

construction workers

and so on..

Examples of niches that pays a lot but won’t generate you anything due to low CTR may be:

how to make money online
web masters

Never be greedy when you create content for a site. The site will only be worthwhile if … Continue Reading

SEO Guide in Swedish

I’m working on a new SEO project. I guess most of my readers aren’t from Sweden but for those who are, continue reading. 🙂

The project I’m working on is about search engine optimization and internet marketing. It’s a portal with a forum, guide & blog section, link directory and more to come. The purpose is to learn other people how to make money on the internet by using smart SEO techniques. It’s not a make-money-online site, more like a manual to search engine optimization. Basically it is a SEO guide.

Medical billing niche is a well paying one..

..but totally not worth it. Around 6 months ago I thought, why not try a high paying niche, and I picked medical billing. One of the most competitive niches I’ve ever done. I’ve written around 20 articles about medical billing and it’s been a pain. 🙂

Here is a list of reasons why you shouldn’t pick a niche just because it is high paying:

High paying niches usually requires high quality content which is hard to produce if you’re not interested in the subject.
Links are really hard to get, wherever you try building links, it is either paid membership of … Continue Reading

Problem-Niches Increases Your CTR

I think that building sites on niches about various kind of problems is going to help your CTR. People looking for information related to their problem are usually much more desperate. My theory is based on a few sites of mine that has a exceptionally good CTR. One is about losing weight with cardio, other is about diabetes treatment. Both of these niches might be a problem for people.

It might be social problems, drug problems, health issues, computer errors etc. An ad will be more appealing if it claims to have a solution for whatever problem your visitor … Continue Reading

My Experience With Kontera

I have been using Kontera on some of my not very successful sites, just to see how good/bad the rates were. I’m disappointed. Surprised as well. Why are people still using it?

I’ve had Kontera installed on a site about the game Tibia for 2-3 months now..  revenue it gave equals a soda. The stats are following:
12,241 impressions, 208 clicks, $1.53, CTR 2%

I’m aware of how much it may differ between niches, but this is really, really bad.

What’s your experience with Kontera? Maybe you did better than I.

Forum Posting – Link Building

One of my main link building strategies consists of forum posting (no, not forum spamming). It is powerful as most forums are still doFollow. If you know how to do it with efficiency, you can get a lot of great backlinks that lasts.

This is how I do it:

Research: Google > ”YourNiche Forum” > Make a list of, lets say, 20 forums. You can also take a look for your specific niche in forum directories.
Sort out the forums after doFollow or noFollow. (How-To: Find out noFollow and doFollow links).
Create a ”template” containing email, name, signature and everything you need so you … Continue Reading